Hello World

Welcome to my personal blog.  Here I will discuss my views on world events, my life adventures and experiences, good and bad, all revolving around my love of nature, travelling and my passion for conservation worldwide.  Feel free to leave your comments, questions or recommendations.

I graduated from the University of Reading with a 1st Class Degree in BSc Biological Sciences (focusing on Zoology, Conservation and physical biology) in July 2009.  Then in July 2012 I completed a Masters degree at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) studying MSc Conservation Biology with Zoo Studies, and achieved a Merit qualification.   I also have volunteered for several organisations including the People’s Trust for Endangered Species, the Wildlife Trusts, British Trust for Conservation Volunteers, Colchester Zoo, Durrell Institute, Chester Zoo, the RSPCA and RSPB.

Currently working for World Animal Protection (formerly known as the World Society for the Protection of Animals – WSPA) and loving it!

My Loves:

  • Animals – all those big and small
  • The English countryside
  • Traveling around the world
  • My family, and my dog Polo (Black Labrador)
  • Chocolate, cake….especially chocolate cake
  • Art – a creative perfectionist who loves making things out of anything
  • Reading the free classics on Kindle
  • Listening to a very mixed and random collection of music
  • Dancing (around my room)
  • Organising my life, particularly filing.

Pet Peeves:

  • Animal un-lovers
  • When you forget your umbrella and it decides to rain despite a clear forecast
  • Tardiness
  • Unemployment for graduates who work their butts off hoping it will put them above those that flunk out of high school. But it doesn’t.

Disclaimer: my posts are solely my own thoughts & opinions, and do not reflect those of any person or organisation I may mention or work for.


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