Wimbledon Wanderer 2013

Now personally I’m not the expert of tennis, and although I have watched a final here and there over the years, I wouldn’t say I was ever really quite invested…or even interested, in the outcome of any open including that of the big grass open at Wimbledon.  With Greg Rudeski and Tim Henman not exactly being iconic figures of my childhood, I failed to see what the big fuss was about, even with the hunky additions of Leighton Hewit and Andy Roddick. 


But all this was about to change in 2012 when I watched the intense Wimbledon final between Federa of Spain and Murray of Great Britain (or Scotland when he loses).  It was a long and impressive match, where both players really fought to the last bone, and when Murray lost and said the tearful words of “I can cry like Federa, I just wish I could play like him” we decided his was a hero worth believing in.

And as the summer of 2012 continued, we were shown his real potential, where he kicked Federa’s ass in the London’s Olympic Tennis Final.  It was a brilliant match and he truly won the hearts of the British public, only to be further adored after his Silver win with Britain’s very own Laura Robson in the Tennis Mixed Doubles Final. 

After such an epic summer, our opinions of Mr Murray were at a peak, but his success didn’t end there.  In September he delighted us all over again by beating Novak Djokovic in the US Open Men’s Singles Final.  Everyone was blown away by his performance this year and ultimately a lot of hope was put on his shoulders for 2013. 

1006165_583344438109_828643218_nWhen Wimbledon came around again this year, we were all behind Andy, witnessing his excellent form, as well as his clear improvement in public relations (there was even a smile or two in his build interviews!).  I decided to go down to Wimbledon myself and see what all the fuss was about.  I took the first Tuesday off work and decided to make the most of the entire day. This meant 5am alarm, 6.15am arrival at the queue to get 2625th place, and then 10.15am entry into the park.  This effort seems pretty extraordinary, and yes it was tiring, but at the end of the day I honestly felt as if I had managed to fit in everything that we could.  As so as we got entry we legged it to court 12 to see the only name we recognised Na Li, world 6th seed, women’s.  She was great to see, a really powerful player. 

992953_883624410283_1691587325_nAfter watching her win, we headed over the Murray mound/Henman Hill to see Serena play, Djokovic and then best of all, Laura Robson who played a cracking match of trick shots and clever returns that really set her above the rest.  After this we decided to give the returns tickets stall a chance (where crazily enough people go home early and give their centre court tickets away!) so for a low low price we got to watch the entire Ferrer match.  It was brilliant!  I had such a great time that I decided to really give this year’s championship a chance. 


It was quite the scandal this year with so many big names dropping out one by one, but still remaining was one of Murray’s hardest opponents, Novak.  His build up was good; losing the first sets and then coming back with such power and precision he seemed unstoppable.  Yet on that final Sunday with the heat the hottest it has been in London for longer than anyone can remember, he looked shattered.  He won the first two sets, which seemed so successful, but yet in that 3rd set it was as if they were evenly matched and that there would never be an end.  But we were amazingly surprised and Andy truly earned the success of the 2013 Wimbledon final, winning that 3rd set like it was the last.  It was exhausting to watch and heck knows how he kept up that strength. 

996720_583344622739_681377788_nSo in conclusion I have gone from a Wimbledon virgin to a Wimbledon lover and will definitely go back next year to take in all the fun, and most importantly, all the strawberries!


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A 1st Class Biological Sciences graduate, with a Masters degree in Conservation Biology. Dedicated to nature and conservation, with over three years voluntary experience in environmental and conservation charities and NGO's. Currently working for the World Society for the Protection of Animals and volunteering for London Wildlife Trust.
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