Jubilee Weekend with my Big Sister: Liverpool & Lyme Park

To celebrate the Queen’s jubilee I decided to completely ignore what was going on in London (as much as I love the way our British Monarchy know how to party!) and invite my sister to come up and stay with me in Manchester for a few days. Now my time is quickly running out up here, and my mission to see and do everything there is to do was becoming quite unfathomable, so I decided my sister would join me on several adventures to foreign lands.

Naturally as soon as she stepped off the train at Piccadilly, the rain began to fall and showing her the few and far between sights of Manchester city centre became an unrealistic possibility.  So instead we ran to the Odeon and spent a couple of hours in the warm and dry watching Snow White and the Huntsman.  The film was actually pretty good and although Kirsten Stewart tends to aggravate all females around the world the storyline was good enough to allow us to forget for a whole minute that she was the dreadful Bella Swan.  We then headed to Didsbury (after discovering all the Museums close at 4/5pm and enjoyed cocktails and traditional tapas, it was a great start.

Early Sunday morning we hopped on the bus and then train to the big city of Liverpool.  Even though it rained all day I have to say it was one of the best cities I’ve visited.  As soon as we stepped out of the station there were huge beautiful historic buildings intertwined with big modern towers, yet at the same time all spaced out and clean.  We first headed to the Liverpool World Museum, free to enter and absolutely fantastic. It really does top the London and Manchester Natural History and British museums.  There was an aquarium, a bug house, Egyptians, Romans and Greeks, and even a planetarium, so naturally we spent quite a bit of time there.

We then headed down to Albert dock, where there was an assortment of excellent museums from the TATE to the Maritime museum with a fantastic exhibition on the Titanic.  Along side were lots of amazing buildings and some great restaurants where we had a wonderful roast dinner and special dessert (a pile of profiteroles on top of a crème brulee!?)  I really enjoyed myself in Liverpool, and so did my sister.  It really seemed like a lot of money and effort had gone into the city and its attractions but it is money well spent I say.

The following day, my sister’s last day up was spent at Lyme Park in Disley.  You may not know this, but Lyme House is Pemberley in the BBC adaptation of Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’.   It was a lovely day with no rain so the house looked even more amazing.  We explored the ornate rooms of the house and the spectacular gardens and lake, even playing a little croquet.  The grounds themselves were huge and we could easily have spent the whole day there, but in the afternoon we headed back so that my sister could get the train home, but not before having a sneaky YO! Sushi – blue Mondays none the less, so it was a great end to such a fun jubilee weekend and I managed to tick off a lot of things on my list!


About wilsoemi

A 1st Class Biological Sciences graduate, with a Masters degree in Conservation Biology. Dedicated to nature and conservation, with over three years voluntary experience in environmental and conservation charities and NGO's. Currently working for the World Society for the Protection of Animals and volunteering for London Wildlife Trust.
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