Interailing around Italy – Part 4: Rome then Home

Luckily our B&B wasn’t too far from the station to lug our cases, although unfortunately our room was on the 6thfloor, which with a broken lift was a task indeed.  The place was similar to that of Florence, with its individual style and quirky rooms, it was like living in your own apartment, ith some interesting art above the beds.

Bedroom Wall Art

The breakfasts were help yourself, but lots of fresh juice, bread, cake and nutella, so I was very happy indeed.  We made ourselves little packed lunches and headed on the metro to Vatican city, once there we tried not to look at anything as we just wanted to book a tour for our 3rdday there, so we bulleted our way to the tourist office, bought our tickets and got the metro all the way back to the colloseum.

The Colloseum, Rome

Once again we were lucky enough to get a discount being from Europe when entering the colloseum and the Forum.  It was huge, but with much of it missing.  We overheard portions of tour guide’s talks and explored the small museum display on the top floor, learning many interesting facts I didn’t know before.  After leaving we headed straight to the Forum, the huge area of ruins adjacent.  It was a lush green area covered in unique pieces of history all with their own different story to tell.

The Forum, Rome

We eventually made it around the entire area and ended up at the magnificent white Monument building.

The Monument, Rome

We finished the day with dinner at the edge of the colloseum which is something I will never forget.

Dinner at the Colloseum

Te following day we decided to walk around the whole of Rome in a day, a challenge not to be taken lightly.  We passed the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, a beautiful church, onto the Santa Maria della Vittoria, then headed toward Piazza de Spagna, where there was a mass of people in the fountain and a lovely viewing of the city from above by the Villa de Borghese.  We then walked straight up the main road to take us to Piazza del Popolo, a huge area with a concert being set up, and huge roman god sculptures surrounding the square.

Crossing Bridges with a view of Vatican City

After getting some excellent gelato, we made our way to the river, crossing ponte regina Magheerita.  Walking along the river was lovely, we stopped to look at the palace and the surrounding beautiful buildings, including the castle, from which there was a great view of Vatican City and St Paul’s Square.  Crossing ponte sant Angelo, which was lined with magnificent angelic sculptures was much like the previous ponte Umberto I. 

We stopped for a quick drink before strolling toward piazza Navona.  Once here we had some lunch from a stall and explored the fountains and little streets on our way to the Pantheon, before gradually making our way past many basicilicas and beautiful little churches to the famous trevi fountain.  It was packed with people and surrounded by police, but was such an enjoyable sight it was worth the hustle and bustle.  We eventually made our way back to our hotel where we have a lovely meal in a street restaurant.

Trevi Fountain, Rome

One the final day we headed immediately over to Vatican city for our tour of the Museum, St Peter’s square and the Basilica.

St Peter's Square, Vatican City

It actually turned out it wasn’t a tour at all but simply a queue jump ticket, so we were left to our own devices to figure out our way around.  But it was well worth the wait, the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel was as beautiful as I had heard and inside the basilica itself was truly immense, although seeing preserved past popes in glass coffins was a little intense for me.

Inside the Vatican

We eventually left and returned to the main Termini station to grab a bus to the airport, but on the way we were surprised to see that this was in fact the day of Gay Pride.  It was hilariously fun and contagious dancing along to the music they played as they drove through the centre of Rome, with music blaring and thousands people streaming past us, one bus after the other packed full of people all singing along to their own theme tunes.  It was a highly entertaining and enjoyable way to end the trip.  The weather had been fantastic every day in Rome, and the city self was bustling everywhere, with a huge combination of ruins and buildings intertwined, it was wonderful.

I really enjoyed my experience travelling across Italy and it makes me even more eager to explore many more places in Europe in the future.  I sincerely recommend doing this to anyone wishing to travel on a small budget as is easy.


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A 1st Class Biological Sciences graduate, with a Masters degree in Conservation Biology. Dedicated to nature and conservation, with over three years voluntary experience in environmental and conservation charities and NGO's. Currently working for the World Society for the Protection of Animals and volunteering for London Wildlife Trust.
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