Interailing around Italy – Part 2: Verona and Milan

The following morning we grabbed a train from central Venice to Verona.  The weather couldn’t have been better, and although we had to drag our suitcases around the entire city for the several hours we made sure we did and saw everything.  We headed towards the town hall, city walls and the colloseum, which were all so well preserved and magnificent that it was hard not to be impressed.

Colloseum, Verona

We then headed up to the Piazza delle Erbe where the most amazing food stalls were found serving gorgeous Italian food.  After eating we headed down Via Capello in search of Juliet’s balcony.  The surrounding area was a hive of activity, with scribble declarations of love all over the walls, it was amazing.

Love Messages

The balcony was there and looked just as you imagined it should.  We made sure we got some good photos and left our own love messages poked between the bricks in the surrounding walls as many had done before.

Juliet's Balcony, Verona

Then heading up to the Duomo and crossing the Ponte Pietra Bridge we enjoyed wonderful views of the rest of Verona. We gradually made our way back down to the station by following the river, stopping off at the castle and the church that Romeo and Juliet were supposedly married in (although unfortunately under refurbishment).  It really was a wonderful place to visit on such a lovely summer’s day.

We arrived in Milan in the evening, just in time for a nice dinner near the hotel.  The hotel itself was fine – – although the room was a tad disappointing with broken shutters allowing people in the street to see in our room, but the quality itself was fine and the breakfast was better than expected, although most items were in packets.

The next day we headed straight to the Duomo, which was mind blowingly huge and magnificent with its gothic style.

Duomo, Milan

The hot weather meant we weren’t dressed appropriately to enter the cathedral that day so we put it off till another day and instead headed to the shopping area, Galleria Vittorrio Emanuelle II.  In here was Gucci, Prada and everything you can’t afford, but was still amazing to see it all in such a beautiful place.

Gallaria Vittorrio Emanuelle II

We used a map to explore every building of interest, churches, arches and fortifications, to make sure were saw everything.  Unfortunately the rain got the better of us so we headed back to the hotel to change and instead went to explore the main shopping district, otherwise known as the “golden rectangle” – suggesting money would be an issue!  It was a lovely area but way out of our price range but when we found some more reasonable shops we naturally treated ourselves.  The following day we explored the parks around the hotel area where much was closed being Sunday, but continued to find more interesting buildings marked on the generic tourist map.  Although the weather was not on our side we did get to see a lot in Milan and eventually going inside the Duomo which was well worth it! Even the station itself was architectually impressive.

Milano Centrale Stazione


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