Interailing around Italy – Part 1: Venice

Since travelling in 2010 I have become somewhat addicted to making new trips and exploring the world.  I had an idea in mind to interail across Europe, to see the many cities I had never visited before, in Germany, Italy and Eastern Europe.  However with my various other trips I had limited time and money to do my entire plan so instead focused on 10days of exploring Italy.  As a child I had once gone on a holiday to Lake Garda, I was very young, but I remember that it was not the best of our holidays, going all inclusive and being made to use the same serviette for 2 weeks – eww!

This time I chose my favourite destinations, along with a friend, and booked trains to and from each city so that the 10days was packed full of adventure.  We flew by Easyjet into Marco Polo Airport in Venice.  We arrived in the morning and after crossing the bridge linking Venice to the mainland we immediately went in search for our hotel –– a nicely run hotel, with good quality rooms and right on the edge of a square with 3 lovely restaurants, a pretty church, and many bustling stalls with all sorts of Venetian trinkets.  After checking in and dropping off our bags we hopped straight onto a River Taxi and took the long way round to St Mark’s Square, first stoppin

St Mark's Square, Venice

g off at san Giorgio Maggiore Island, where we got an excellent view of St Marks Basilica from across the river as the sun began to break through the clouds.  We explored the Doges Palace, Bridge of Sighs and the entire surrounding areas, it was lovely, as well as really interesting and exciting, especially the winding maze of the prison below the palace.

A Museum Pass allowed us into the majority of the museums in Venice so we aimed to tick off as many as possible.  After an expensive but very yummy pizza on the front, we hopped onto another taxi and headed over to the small island just off of Venice called Murano.  It was very pretty and quaint here and included the glass museum on the history of the glass blowing that Venice is famous for.

Murano, Venice

After this we headed back to the hotel by water taxi around the edge of Venice to dress up and wine & dine in one of the cute little restaurants near the hotel; I enjoyed some fresh clams and my friend tried a homemade pizza.  After finishing our meal we immediately boarded another water taxi down the Grand Canal, where as we gradually made our way down the sun was setting and the canal began to light up, it was truly spectacular.  All the beautiful buildings so close to the river, with private jetty’s as their entrances.  The Rialto Bridge was a great sight to see, with so many gondolas passing through it from all directions, it was a wonderful!

Rialto Bridge, Venice

We hopped off at Santa Maria della Salute, where the church glowed in the moonlight and we had a fantastic view over the water of St Mark’s Square all lit up.

The following day we decided to explore on foot, we crossed so many bridges, walked down many cobbled streets and even squeezed between the odd buildings.  We visited the fashion museum for my friend and the Natural History Museum for me, both of which were fantastic, especially the latter, which was so architecturally impressive inside that it really trumped London and others I had visited in the past.

Natural History Museum, Venice

We eventually made our way on foot down to Santa Maria della Salute which was even more spectacular in the daylight with it’s unique art work outside, made entirely of painted eggs.

Art from painted Eggs

We then crossed the Academia Bridge where many more museums and unusual art pieces were found, including the Da Vinci museum, and eventually made it to the Rialto Bridge where we saw first hand the impressive jewellery shops that lined the entire bridge.

I loved Venice and its beautiful buildings and the sheer mass of interesting museums and places to see.  Although at first the brown water and mass of floating rubbish created quite a shock, the romance of the city made itself clear and I would definitely want to go back one day.


About wilsoemi

A 1st Class Biological Sciences graduate, with a Masters degree in Conservation Biology. Dedicated to nature and conservation, with over three years voluntary experience in environmental and conservation charities and NGO's. Currently working for the World Society for the Protection of Animals and volunteering for London Wildlife Trust.
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